Very Sleepy Kitties Today

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We are all very sleepy kitties today. Maybe it’s the weather: 88 degrees and mostly Sunday here in Rrrrowal Oak, Mewchigan. That means the air conditioner is running a lot, making our basement home a bit on the chilly side. Chilly surroundings means we like to curl up as tightly as possible and NAP!


Jolie Fille
I am one of the very sleepy kitties.


Mom is worried about me. I have been overdue for my shots for quite a while, but I refuse to get into the carrier. Mom has tried to trick me by putting catnip in the carrier she keeps here in our room. She even tried to give me a “knock-out” pill mixed in my food, but I refused to eat a bite. Now I have a watery eye, and I can hear the wheels grinding in her head. She MUST get me to the vet. No way!

So I remain curled up, keeping warm and staying as unobtrusive as possible, just like the other very sleepy kitties around here.

Celebrate “Hug Your Cat Day”

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Creative Thinking

What will people think of next? It’s nice to know that caring humans continue to devise excuses to treat us kitties with love and respect. Today they want us to celebrate because our human(s) hug us.

According to the Days of the Year website,

Hug Your Cat Day is one of those pleasingly straightforward holidays. Quite simply, it is a day in which cat owners everywhere are encouraged to hug their cats. The more dedicated amongst them will not need this encouragement, of course, but it is always good to be reminded of our feline friends.

The obvious downside to the day as that people without cats may be left out. This need not be the case, however – it should be straightforward enough to simply adapt it into “Hug Someone Else’s Cat Day”.

So, whether or not you are the proud housemate of a purring kitty, Hug Your Cat Day is the perfect excuse to put a bit of warmth and companionship into your life. No matter what’s going on around you, no matter how bad or troubling things get, you can always count on your furry friend to be there for you.


Complete Compliance

We all want the world to know that our mom does not need special holidays or other reminders to hug or in any other way “love on” us. She does it whenever we let her. She continues to be inspired by her theme song, “Can’t Hug Every Cat.” Like the would-be eHarmony video dater, Mom wishes she could hug EVERY cat…but she settles for us.

Crummy Food

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The dry food bowls in our bedroom were empty for most of the evening so I, Jolie, was looking forward to our canned food supper. I needn’t have bothered. The stuff Mom brought in was so awful that I barely touched it. Mom assured me that it was one of the usual flavors of Friskies that she gives us, and Googlie scarfed it down with no problem (typical). All I can say is, “Boo! Hiss! Hiss!”

The morning selection had better be something I want to eat!

Clever Cat

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I am patting myself on the back for the clever way I foiled the efforts of the orange boy who invades our territory on an almost-daily basis. He has been in here twice today, and each time I was occupying the little “igloo” cat bed in which he loves to nap.

I am pretty tricky. I pretend that I am sound asleep when he sticks his nose in the entrance to the “igloo,” but I see him standing there, wishing I would vanish into thin air. Maybe he thinks he can intimidate me with his cold stare. He is WRONG. He has to go sleep somewhere else.


Jolie is in the igloo, so Pawscar Awesome must nap elsewhere. Jou Jou B wonders what the fuss is about.


It is nearly Mom’s bedtime, and I am in the “igloo” again, although the orange boy is not here. When Mom wants her bed, I will have no choice but to surrender to her will. Size does have some advantages. At least she will let me sleep with her.

Wait! The orange boy is howling at the door. Mom lets him jump in. He is coming up the bedside cat stairs. Can I frustrate him again?  No, he wants Mom’s lap this time. Now I am simply jealous, not clever.

Clowder Happy

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We are happy to start blogging online. As sisters by blood and fellow rescue kitties by experience in life, we were glad to become members of Fenner Felines at various times last year. At two-and-one-half years old, we are (by far) the youngest feline members of the clan and believe that we have a unique “purrspective” on living at the Feline Funny Farm.