Goodbye, Mr. Goopuss!

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I adopted this six-month-old kitty with Cara Mia on November 28, 2005. I changed his name from Butterball to Gobblin’ Goopuss. He was a frisky black feline with a loud and continuous motor. In his younger years he derived perverse satisfaction from frequent “cat spats” with his sister Cara Mia and his uncle Charlie Chompers. Like C.P. Pirate, he also enjoyed harassing Googlie Girl. He used to interfere with me and the things on my desk when I was working on the computer. As he became more mature, he retained his friendly and talkative nature. He reaped a bit of what he sowed in my youth. He was often the victim of Rascal Spatz’s harassment; Rascal is a perpetrator of kitty conflicts.




As a middle-aged adult, Gobblin’ had to have surgery for a rodent ulcer and, later, for a growth on his chin. He also developed hyperthyroidism, for which he was treated daily. In late 2018, his appetite decreased markedly. Expecting a flare-up of kidney disease, I was surprised to learn that blood work indicated cancer, probably lymphoma. Gobblin’ crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 2, 2018.

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