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Mitchner McGarrulous rang my alarm bell with another bout with his IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). A trip to the vet revealed that he had lost nearly three pounds since his last visit. By itself, this would not necessarily be awful, since he was a rather chunky 14-pound-plus boy; however, there was not a deliberate weight loss effort. He had been switched to Science Diet z/d food since Dr. Katie discovered that he had allergies. Mitchner seemed to like this food at first, but over time he was less and less attracted to it. Bloodwork taken that day revealed that one of his kidney values is above normal, and the other is approaching the high end of normal. This is consistent with the increased water consumption I had noticed.


What to do? I searched online for other feline fare with hydrolyzed protein, and found alternatives by Purina and Royal Canin. I was able to order the Purina food without a vet prescription, so I did. Mitchner seems to like it somewhat better than he did the z/d dry. I then ordered some Royal Canin dry food and treats from Chewy, and my vet authorized the purchase. So far, Mitchner really likes the treats. I am hoping he will finish the Purina dry food before I start him on the Royal Canin. I also have started dosing him with 1/4 tablet of famotidine most days to see if that helps keep his stomach settled. Now he will eat some of the canned z/d chow that he had been rejecting, so maybe that is helping. Next step: I need to take him in for a urine test, but that will involve getting him to consume some gabapentin to relax him and cause him to cooperate with the vet.

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