My Sad Story

I am Pearl Grey. Like Dusty RoseNose, I can give credit to Mitchner McGarrulous for my adoption. On August 10, 2017, Mom took him to Gasow Veterinary Hospital for yet another one of those B12 shots and a nail trim. When Dr. C. spotted Mom in the lobby, she told her about this little kitten named Karen–me–and my sad story. Because I was seriously injured, the Bloomfield police brought me to Gasow to be euthanized. Dr. C. happened to see me before anyone could do that, and the vets decided to try to repair my injuries. They removed most of my tail; whatever hurt me had crushed it, and the tissue died. They fixed my back legs, and I had to learn to use them again. Dr. C. showed Mom some videos of that on her phone.

My Happy Ending

Mom was not sure she wanted cat #11, but she agreed to meet me that day. She must have thought about it quite a bit because she adopted me on August 25. Mom gave a lot of thought to choosing a name for me. Mom’s sister Melissa and cousin MJ made some suggestions. Mom finally settled on Pearl Grey. Her dad’s name was Earl, and her family loves Earl Grey tea. I  repaid her with numerous attacks on her lower legs, silly scaredy-cat antics, and as much love as a wild, young kitten can muster. Now that I am an adult, I have calmed down some, but I am still very determined to get my way. I am mostly a stand-offish type of kitty, but in certain rare situations I will actually sit on Mom’s lap and be affectionate.